About AST

Ancien Soleil started from fascination and passion of watches and clocks and leather crafting.

We love to see the mechanical parts driving one another and eventually keeping your time. It has been a long dream for Ancien Soleil that was made possible when fascination and passion turned to Conception and Design, with our own knowledge of Design, Engineering, Watch Making and Leather Craft, we are proud to present our very 1st series of watches know as SUN.

We have put in months of dreaming time to designing a timepiece especially for pocket watch lovers. A unique, antique design with modern touches, we can say “it’s more than just a combination of having a luxury pocket watch and a modern automatic watch design put together”, each set of SUN is carefully hand assembled with passion and love from us, that’s what goes in the watches too.

We believe that this fascinating watch & clock that was invented way back ancient times still fascinates people including ourselves and we have always wanted to have a part in this fascinating mechanical device, we want this specially made watches would be worn by you bringing you more passion for watches and leather craft .

Ancien Soleil Timepieces are Hand Assembled and Proudly Designed in Singapore watches.

On a side note, our  leathercraft watch straps are Handmade in Singapore by jConcetto www.jconcetto.com.